Office Refurb

10 top tips when refurbishing your office

As New Year approaches commercial and domestic renovations and refurbishments are on the cards. Here we share ten top tips to help you to hit refresh on your office environment.

Set out a budget

Budget is crucial as you embark on necessary improvements and maintenance – or an aesthetic refresh. Set out exactly how much you intend to spend and include a contingency budget just in case things don’t go to plan. Now is a good time to gather quotes and scope the cost of materials so that you can be sure that your budget is as realistic as possible.

Check out insurance before you begin

Are you (and employees, tradesmen) fully insured? Check up on your own business insurance and ensure that whoever you employ to help you renovate and refurbish is adequately covered too before work begins.

Keep it user-friendly

A comfortable, well thought-out working space actively benefits the people who will be using it daily. Consult employees on your prospective plans and ask them whether they feel planned improvements will enhance the current environment. They may have some fantastic suggestions for inclusion you might not have thought about yourself.

Will it stand the test of time?

Whilst you’re focusing on immediate change, don’t forget to consider the future. Will the design you have set out stand the test of time? If possible you want this refurbishment to last for at least a couple of years – so it’s worth planning for future expansion or adaptation now.

Maximise space – intelligently

Strip down the space you have so that you can see a clear floor plan in front of you. This helps you to easily see the physical restrictions you’re up against without distraction – but it also enables you to identify where space can be maximised or better used compared to the current arrangement of your office.

Be tech-savvy

It’s likely that a lot has changed since your office was last upgraded. Notably machines are smaller, Wi-Fi has eliminated the need for multiple routers, and a larger number of devices mean more plugs must be available. Consider having USB points and multiple plug sockets installed to keep up with the changing technological landscape.

Build your brand

An office refurb is a great opportunity to inject your new brand identity into your working environment. Even if you haven’t recently rebranded, consider how you can permeate your brand throughout the new designs to give employees a sense of belonging and involvement.

Plan and prepare

How long should renovations take? How much time do you have to spare? If downtime is a possibility it’s really important to be clear about how long refurbishments will take, and how and where day-to-day operations will take place in the interim.

Who will oversee proceedings?

Proactive project management is going to be key throughout your refurbishment – even if your office space is small. If you do decide to take on this task yourself remember that you’ll be dealing with the day-to-day running on top of this – and any delays could be costly or disruptive. If you’re delegating, ensure that you fully trust the person in charge and request regular updates. Alternatively, you could outsource, Johnsons Projects can provide highly qualified project managers to oversee your refurbishment. Fine out more.

Playful can be productive

As proven by Google, Apple and Amazon, playful working spaces incorporating innovative design and décor can significantly impact employee wellbeing and productivity in a positive way. Think about how you can harness the power of playfulness to create your very own enriching office environment – allocating space dedicated to rest and relaxation, or even simply improving kitchen and bathroom facilities to improve staff satisfaction.

Planning a refurbishment in the New Year? Contact Johnsons to find out how our highly qualified project managers can ensure your refurbishment runs smoothly. If you’re looking for temporary storage during the refurb or safe disposal of redundant furniture, our Storage and Asset Recycling Teams can help with that too. Discover more about our flexible services here.