Environment Agency

The Project
Johnsons Moving Services are the sole provider of furniture recycling for the Environment Agency throughout the UK. We have provided them with services in London, Manchester, Cardiff, Leeds and Birmingham. Most notably, we have recently undertaken a £10,000 recycling project at Olton Court in Solihull. This project involved the dismantling and recycling of redundant furniture including: pedestals, side tables, corner desks, straight desks, chairs, book cases and cabinets.

As part of our contract with them, we collect and dispose of furniture, fittings and equipment using our formulated and approved recycling procedures detailed below. We dispose of desks, chairs, tambour cabinets, pedestals, filing cabinets, whiteboards and IT equipment on a regular basis, separating the primary materials to ensure they are disposed of in the correct way. Key requirements of our contract with them include:

  • To recycle all items in accordance with methods and procedures certified by The Environment Agency
  • To provide support to staff being relocated
  • To carry all relocations out with minimal disruption to staff

Methods Employed

  • Johnsons Business Moves adopted the Environment Agency’s working practices for the recycling of FF&E. We have documented and formulated procedures approved by the Environment Agency and hold an ISO 14001:2004 accreditation and Waste Carriers Licence
  • We provide the staff being relocated with a move guide detailing their responsibilities during the services to ensure a smooth transition
  • We aim to carry out all relocations with a result of minimal downtime to all staff. We therefore have done, and do, work out of hours, in the evenings and over weekends.

The Result
The recycling works delivered to the Environment Agency are always completed with Zero Landfill and a huge CO2 saving.

Our robust and transparent recycling processes are certified by the Environment Agency, meaning that we are the only company in our industry to have our recycling processes approved by the organisation that prosecutes businesses in the UK for not following best practice.