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Pacman News – MD Update – January 2018

Hi everyone, welcome to the first newsletter of the year, 2018 is hopefully going to be a great year for Johnsons and everyone who works here.

In 2017, we spent a huge amount of time and effort, looking at how the business works, by focussing on our clients experience, we have looked at how we do everything, from the way our clients use IT, how they prefer to communicate with us and how they are dealt with on the day of the move.

What is still vital is how the information we get from our client, when we assess their needs gets to the customer service team that confirm all the arrangements and then to the crew that deliver the move and we want to make that transfer of information better.

To help with this aim, in February we are going to be starting to implement a new IT system, initially starting with the CRM system we are hoping the whole system will be in place by the end of June. The system will allow clients to book an appointment, the removal, agree to our terms and conditions and make a payment, it will also make sure the information gathered during the initial enquiry and survey will get all the way through to the WIS.

We have also looked at the way we organise the delivery teams who go out on the moves. We now have a team of Senior Supervisors who are focussed on managing the delivery teams and delivering an exceptional service to the client, in 2018 this team will expand. We have also added a skilled porter role, for the members of the delivery team that have a significant level of training and competence in a specialist area such as fitting works and IT skills, again we expect a number of skilled porters to join Johnsons this year.

Last year we designed a number of new training programmes for all levels of staff, most staff have attended the level one training course and a course will be run most months next year to help improve the skills of everyone who goes out to carry out the moves for our customers.

We will also be getting new vehicles this year, we have already ordered 2 new 18 tonne vehicles which should be delivered in April and June and we will be ordering 3 more transit type vehicles to arrive before the summer.

We are looking at what additional benefits we can offer this year, in addition to the death in service benefit and the NHS top up scheme we introduced last year we will be increasing the pension contributions in April, we are also looking at the PerkBox scheme which offers members discounts on their shopping as well as discounts on days out and some gift vouchers, we will give an update on this later in the year.

So in short, this year we will be adding more skilled staff, getting new vans, getting a new IT system and increasing the benefits for every employee.

I hope 2018 is a successful year for everyone who works at Johnsons.

Gareth Hilton

Managing Director