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Happy Customers
Galliford Try

The team at Wold Academy are very happy with the result. I would like to extend my personal thanks for all the hard work and effort put in to get this project over the line.

Samuel Hallam
Senior Site Manager Galliford Try Plc
East Sussex County Council

Johnsons moved Seaford and Newhaven Libraries for us over 2014-15. Both jobs went successfully due to the hard work and efficiency of the very friendly and helpful Johnsons Staff.

Michele Brooker, Librarian Coordinator East Sussex County Council
Blackburn College

The moving process has been very efficient. The teams supplied were punctual, organised and couldn't do enough to help. This has made the whole experience of moving better for staff and students alike.

Cathy Hale
Masterplan & Accommodation Manager Blackburn College
Norland – Alcatel-Lucent

I was incredibly impressed with their ability to cope with a demanding and labour intense situation and will now only consider using Johnsons for any future work of this type.

Colin Donnelly, Area Manager Norland – Alcatel-Lucent
Pennine Acute Trust

Johnsons Business Moves have been appointed by this Trust as our preferred office relocation company for the past 10 years.

David Shepherd Pennine Acute Hospitals NHS Trust
West Midlands Police

I would like to thank the team. Not only were they prompt in arrival, they also completed the job to a high standard and were extremely professional throughout.

Dan Bacon, Facilities Officer West Midlands Police
Office move project plan

Take the hassle out of your office move with Johnsons’ step-by-step guide to managing your office relocation.

Want a hassle free and seamless office move?

Office moves can be an exciting time for a company. It’s a sign that things are about to change and you are progressing forward as a business. However, for those given the responsibility of handling the move, it can be a stressful, not to mention daunting task. With so many aspects to consider, it can become an incredibly complex task and aspects may be missed or under-planned. This is where Johnsons comes in – our experience and high quality service ensures your office move project plan goes as smoothly as possible.

A key part of any office move is a clear project plan. Whether the project is moving some furniture or a massive turnkey solution, an office move project plan is essential in bringing the project in on time and on budget. It’s important to create your office move plan as early as possible to ensure every aspect is carefully considered. This will allow all the following stages of the move to fall into place. This can save you time, money and effort.

At Johnsons, we are one of the very few removal companies that has its own dedicated in-house professional team of project managers. Our project management team are all PRINCE2 certified and specially qualified to bring the level of experience and expertise that will make your relocation successful.

Our role

Initially, one of our project managers will come and spend some time getting to know your business and its needs. From this, we develop a unique project plan for your office move that is specifically tailored to you. Your bespoke office move project plan will cover:

  • Agreed goals and milestones
  • Potential risks
  • Engagement with key stakeholders
  • Ongoing business activities and the need for business continuity
  • Decommissioning, relocation and reinstallation of specialist equipment
  • Contingency planning and strategy

Every element of your office move is covered.

Why choose Johnsons?

EXPERIENCE: Operating since 1871, we have earned our place as one of the largest and most prestigious specialist organisations for office relocation services. We have the experience, people and equipment to handle any business move large or small.

RESOURCES: With dedicated resource centres across the UK, we provide office move project services to a wide range of organisations across many different industries. Whatever a business’s size or expertise, we have the resources to project manage any type of office move.

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KNOWLEDGE: We have the expertise to cater for you whatever your business needs are. We provide precisely the right blend of management, advice and support services to ensure a stress free move that has minimum impact on productivity. We understand that every organisation is unique and therefore will always provide a bespoke service.

VALUES: Our company core values of care, integrity, and respect set us apart from other companies. You will see this throughout our time working with you as every member of our staff is passionate about making each move a complete success.

Because forward planning is a key factor in any successful move, our specialist project managers will be involved from the start to develop a realistic project plan for your office move. This early involvement will help us to anticipate most problems and eliminate them before they arise. Your bespoke office move will cover key considerations as outlined in the ‘OFFICE MOVE PLAN’ below.

Office move plan

A project plan for an office move is a complex task. We look at EVERY element of relocation and ensure no stone is left unturned.

Key considerations:

> Move Team

Select a team of people to support you in planning the move and to help you make big decisions. Appointing a Coordinator, or ‘Move Representative’ will ensure there’s always one person keeping an eye on key milestones. When choosing the team and team leader, it’s important to ensure that they have enough time available to dedicate to the project. It’s about pulling the right team of people together to ensure the office move project plan works like clockwork.

> Exit Strategy

It’s vital you check the details of your current lease – when it expires, and what notice period you need to give. There may be a charge for terminating your lease early.

> Move Budget

Before you can start looking at new locations, removal companies, furniture and so on, you need to fully understand what budget has been assigned to the move, so that you know what you’re working with. A budget plan should then be written and approved by Senior Management, outlining all costs associated with the office relocation. This should include all aspects of not only the move, but what needs to be done to the office you are vacating to ensure it is left in good repair. It’s important to keep track of spending as the project progresses to avoid any overspends.

> Hiring a Removal Company

A professional removal company like Johnsons can help you minimise disruption to individual staff and the wider business, whilst reducing impact on productivity and ensuring a smooth process for everyone. Office relocation can take hours of preparation and experience, often with more time spent on the planning than the move itself. Lots of factors need to be considered such as the transfer of your IT and telecoms, which can be very complex.

Businesses of all kinds across the UK rely on Johnsons to help them move. So whatever the nature of your relocation, we’ve probably done something very similar before and have the expert knowledge to handle it all easily. With nearly 150 years of experience, we can bring the knowledge, skilled personnel and proven work practices that ensure that your move goes as smoothly as possible. With Johnsons, you’re not on your own. We are there to support you through the whole process.

> Site Survey

Your removal company will need to do a site survey. This will involve visiting both your current premises, and your new office location, to fully understand the requirements and quote accordingly. They will then provide a detailed plan, explaining how your items will be cared for and moved, and what the timescales will be in order to meet your final move date.

> Move Timetable

A move timetable will help you, and all those involved in the move, to understand your exact requirements and when all tasks need to be completed by. Your Move Representative will refer to this regularly with the Move Team and ensure that the move stays on track. Each task therefore will need a set completion date alongside it. When setting the completion dates, you will need to take into account the move date, and ensure that everyone involved in the move can commit to those dates. There may also be elements of the move that need to be completed before the next task can take place – for example, new cabling in the office and delivery of office furniture will need to take place before IT equipment can be installed.

Scheduling should also include plans to ensure any vital business functions can be maintained during the move. This may involve operating a skeleton operation from a different location or from home. Johnsons will ensure minimal disruption to the day to day running of your business to make the move as seamless as possible. However, it is beneficial for staffing levels on site to be kept to a minimum if possible so if homeworking is an option, organise for some staff to do this.

> Space Planning

Revolutionising your workspace is the perfect opportunity to create the perfect layout for your business to make sure your staff get the most from the space you have and maximising efficiency. Obtain a floor plan of the new office space and consider how the layout will work. This is no easy task and careful consideration needs to be taken to ensure it will work practically, in terms of furniture space and IT/telecoms, as well as for your company’s productivity. The way in which your office space is laid out can have a significant effect on staff morale and the way people behave in the office. For example, natural light, space and air circulation are all factors worth considering. Removal of partitions to create more space can provide a more open office environment and encourage better collaborative working.

> Furniture and Assets

Now you know what space is available in your new office, you can identify what furniture is required. This is likely to include existing furniture and equipment that needs to be moved, plus new office furniture which needs to be ordered. You may decide some of the furniture/equipment needs to be replaced or upgraded. If this is the case, Johnsons can support you with the disposal of any unwanted items (see ‘Furniture and Equipment Disposal’ section below) and also help you with the new furniture fit-out. To make sure that all new items arrive in time for the move, it’s important to look at ordering what you need as early on as possible in the move process. Johnsons has its own team of commercial fitters available for any location who can dismantle and reassemble any furniture or equipment that needs to be relocated in your office move.

> Document Storage

As part of your relocation, if you are short of space, you could look at off-site storage facilities. Due to legal requirements, the long-term storage and management of business paperwork has become something that every company must do. If office space is at a minimum, you may consider Johnsons’ Records Management service which operates from our multiple archive centres based across the UK – all with fully-secure, CCTV- monitored and alarmed storage facilities.

For any documents you want stored at your new site, Johnsons highly skilled operatives will methodically ensure documentation is carefully kept in the right order when unpacked at its new location. This includes irreplaceable and confidential documents for which we use security vetted staff and tracked vehicles to ensure safe transfer.

> IT and Telecoms

PCs, servers and phone lines can often be the biggest headache for those coordinating an office move. These days, almost all businesses are powered by their IT systems and as a consequence, any downtime during the move can be costly if not planned and managed correctly. All of your IT equipment and phone systems need to be transferred, assembled and fully operating in the new office with minimum disruption to the business. At Johnsons, we have our own IT specialists who can manage all this for you as part of your relocation package. They will make sure that the commissioning, networking and patching of your IT and peripheral systems is synchronised with your business operations for minimum disruption. Services include server relocation, desktop relocation including PCs, workstations, printers and scanners, plus the roll-out of new cabling to fit the new desk layouts. We ensure the right IT infrastructure is in place so everything works as it should do in your new location to cause minimum disruption to your services.

> Stakeholder Communication

Change can have a huge impact on staff. Therefore, all members of staff should be informed about the move and how it will affect them as soon as you are able. Focus on the positives. By using a reputable removal company to help you plan your move, there will be minimal disruption and downtime for staff so they can focus on settling into their new office environment.

Once you have a move date to work towards, remember to inform all your service providers of your change of address – telecoms, utilities (gas, electric, water), insurance provider/s – and of course your customers and suppliers. This can be a great time to reconnect with clients and use this contact to promote your services as much as possible, especially if the office move allows for improved or developed services.

> Furniture and Equipment Disposal

Relocating to new premises often means that you have to dispose of redundant items or furniture, fittings and equipment, or look at recycling your unwanted office furniture. With JohnsonsZero, we can give you an environmentally responsible solution to manage your office furniture recycling. As part of your office relocation process, we can recycle, donate or sell all of these items in ways which will benefit the environment and your local community. Moving offices is the perfect opportunity to de-clutter so that your business has a fresh start in its new location.


Every office move project plan will have potential obstacles. If you can predict what these are, you will be one step ahead. Johnsons will look at potential risks with you.

So remember:

  • Plan early
  • Do not underestimate how complex a task an office move project plan is, including the time and resources involved
  • Always know your budget
  • Have a schedule
  • Get to know your new location so staff concerns can be alleviated before the office move
  • Communicate with everybody the office move affects

All in all, with a tailored office move plan and our project managers and office move specialists on hand, we can manage your office move seamlessly, while allowing you to carry on your business with the minimum disruption and downtime. Forward thinking and careful preparation are the key to a successful office move.


To arrange a free, no obligation consultation with our Project Team please call us on 0800 279 2505 or email us at [email protected].

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