On Your Marks2

On your marks, get set, move!

Planning your office move is like running. Sure, it looks easy, but for any of you who have been running, you know that the way you start, will determine; the length of time you can run for, how the run will feel and how quickly you can recover after the event.

So, how does this relate to moving? I tell all of my clients “It’s not the finish line that matters, it’s the journey along the way”. That’s why it’s important to think about how your staff experience the move process.

Like running a marathon, a move takes hours of preparation and experience. If you don’t have the time to put in to the preparation process, you won’t get the desired results. Just getting off your chair one day and starting to run does not make you a great runner. If anything, it can do more harm than good. What’s more, most new marathon runners don’t have a good sense of the right time goal, and they can overlook steps in the training process that will come back to haunt them during the event. Sure, crossing the finish line can bring with it a feeling of accomplishment, especially if you have met or even surpassed a personal goal (such as budget or timeline). But inevitably you must ask what effects the race has had on your business and your staff after the event.

But what if you had a personal coach who was there to advise you on the right trainers to wear, help you on what to eat before the big race and show you when to push or hold back?

There’s no doubt the expert advice of an experienced professional is always tremendously valuable. At Johnsons Moving Services Ltd, we’ve been helping companies with their relocation needs since 1871. So we know that a move is not a sprint, it’s a marathon – especially in this modern era where technology and regulatory concerns can complicate even the simplest of moves.

It has been said that a marathon doesn’t really begin until mile twenty. With a move, ‘mile twenty’ is normally where the physical move of your assets begins. However, actually moving your belongings is the easy part. The hard work must already have been done in the miles leading up to the move itself: by then, you should have done all of the planning, managed out the risk, engaged all of the key stakeholders and developed a strategy that will get you through to the end of the race.

A good trainer takes the time to get to know you. Understanding your requirements, your unique personality as a business, working with you to set goals and achieve your targets.

Let’s look at a few examples which could be considered milestones in the preparation process. What about records and other paperwork? Because of legal regulations, long-term record keeping is a necessity, but do you want to bring all of that with you? Johnsons can provide a Records Management Service that not only stores and archives your paperwork, but offers the full scope of management tools as well: computerised coding and tracking, record reviewing and retrievals, and 24-hour access.

Something else to think about: what is to be done with your existing assets, such as office furniture and equipment? Johnsons Zero is an accredited specialist in recycling, re-selling or re-purposing these assets, and can help you reduce the environmental impact of your move and plan for your recycling needs going forward in the new facilities.

Of course, computer and communications systems are an essential yet complicated part of any move. That’s why we employ a dedicated team of technology specialists to facilitate the complexities of the process, including the commissioning, networking and patching of systems, ensuring an efficient transition with minimal downtime. We can even provide network card changes, auditing, testing, and the complete cleaning of the desktop equipment at each workstation.

Perhaps your move isn’t for a standard office. If you are relocating a laboratory, hospital, or any ‘clean environment’ facility, Johnsons has gained a sophisticated knowledge of the requirements for the handling and transport of specialist equipment. If your move involves a production or manufacturing facility, with heavy machinery or industrial equipment, Johnsons has a team of experts who understand the particular requirements of such a move, including decommissioning and recalibrating machinery, backing up CNC routers, lift and load calculations, as well as electrical, mechanical and regulatory requirements. We can also manage warehouse and stock relocations in a way that minimises disruption to your business or to your customers’ needs.

Do you need more people on your team? Johnsons is one of the few removal companies that have in-house Project Managers available if required. Our managers are all trained to PRINCE 2 methodology and have the experience and qualifications necessary to manage the diverse tasks demanded by a marathon move. If you need us to, we can even undertake the management of your sub-contractors within the main scope of the project. Our project managers aren’t just cheering you on from the sidelines – they’re running the race with you.

Start the countdown now: call Johnsons Moving Services Ltd and speak to your new personal trainer. Contact one of our team on 0800 279 2505.