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Pacman News – Focus & Performance

Each month we’ll give you an overview of performance statistics, some client feedback highlights and information about any big wins for Johnsons.

Customer Feedback

Domestic – July 2017

The best way we can rate ourselves is with customer feedback. In July we scored 77 out of 100 with 89% scoring us as ‘Excellent’ or ‘Good’

Commercial – July 2017

In July 8 Commercial customer feedback’s were completed. We scored 77 out of 80 with 96% scoring us as ‘Excellent’ or ‘Good’

Client Testimonials


“Thank you for packing us up and moving us in to our new home. Everyone was brilliant, friendly, professional and funny. Most stress free move I’ve ever had and I’ve done quite a few house moves.” Vanessa Kirlew

“Very helpful with what turned out to be a very difficult move. The movers were great, helpful, friendly and nothing was too much trouble for them.” Dr Millard


“This was the first time we had worked with Johnsons on a significant move. The move manager who was assigned to us was experienced and lent a valuable amount of relocation expertise to the project which was very helpful in the planning and execution of the moves. Their flexible approach was appreciated as we were dealing with operational teams who had business imperatives at the last minute which meant re-organising some of the moves late in the day. Nothing was too much trouble on the move day and the move team were courteous, professional and got the moves done in record time. Some of the items to be moved required additional security. Johnsons were happy to comply with the additional security arrangements and followed them to the letter. We would definitely consider using their services again.” Moira Anderson, Senior Project Manager, Northern and Eastern PICs

“We have received some very positive feedback from our stakeholders/end-users regarding the process and professionalism of the crews during the decant. All went above and beyond what the University expected, especially due to the compressed nature of the program. Johnsons moved 200 staff and near 400 PC’s and macs. The move was completed on time and within budget. Due to the late delivery of the building, during the mobilisation phase the crews ‘can do’ attitude and ability to be flexible enabled the decant to be flexible enough to adapt to the changing needs of the project. Overall, the team during the active decant – especially Lianne Jackson and Adrian Brownlee – were extremely professional, personable and knew the job, which enabled them to actively solve issues before they become critical problems to the project. I would recommend the service to other FM’s within the sector.” Marcus Young, Salford University Building Manager.

Big Wins for Johnsons

This months big win highlights that we have again retained the contract to work with the Environment Agency. Regaining this contract has involved a large amount of work and them choosing us again highlights the excellent service that we provide to this customer year after year. Great work team!!