Celebrate – March Big

Pacman News – Our People – April 2018

The people section in each month’s newsletter will celebrate you, the Johnsons team.

Time to celebrate

Kavan Farrell, celebrated his birthday on the 8th April. We hope you enjoyed your birthday.

Darren Pardy,  Happy Birthday for the 13th April. We hope you had a fabulous day.

Tom Dineley, Happy Birthday for the 14th April. We hope you enjoyed celebrating.

Tyler Doherty, have a great day celebrating your 21st birthday on the 18th March.

James Harries, We hope you have a fantastic day celebrating your birthday on the 20th April.

Jo Willshire, Happy Birthday for the 25th April. Have a great day!

Tom Cartmell, We hope you have a great birthday on the 26th April.

Nathan Clarke, Happy birthday for the 27th April. We hope you have a fantastic day celebrating.

Time fly’s when you’re having fun

Tracy Ash, Credit Control, celebrated 7 years with Johnsons on the 1st April.

Kevin Stuart, Move Manager celebrated 20 years with Johnsons on the 2nd April.

Toby Swain, Head of Operations celebrated 2 years with us on the 4th April.

Andy Chatt, Director celebrated 2 years with Johnsons on the 4th April.


Congratulations to Lianne Jackson for passing her IOSH qualification.

Massive thank you to you all!