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Pacman News – Update – February 2018

I have met two types of people over the years; those who are ‘wanting-to’ and those who are ‘willing-to’ be successful. I have found that those who are ‘willing’, are always the ones who find success in life. So I am a great believer that success is possible for anyone who is willing to achieve it. About ten years ago when I was told by a previous Director of Johnsons, that Johnsons would never be able to compete with the likes of; Harrow Green, Pickfords, Business Moves or BCL; I struggled to agree with his comments. That conversation has stuck with me for the last ten years and every time we hit a difficult period within Johnsons, I remind myself of the conversation and reflect on how far the business has grown since then.

Only a few years ago we Tendered for the Crick Institutes relocation. The £650m project was the biggest of its kind and involved the relocation of 17,500 pieces of equipment, along with 14 Science Technology Platforms (STPs, research facilities with state-of-the-art equipment such as election microscopes and mass spectrometers) and more than 3,000 computers and associated items. Johnsons beat; Harrow Green, Pickfords, Business Moves and BCL to the final of the bid, however we were eventually beaten by Premier Moves who completed the project last year. One thing I have learnt over the last ten years, is that success takes time, and the path is always longer than it looks. You must be persistent!

Johnsons turnover is not yet as big as some of our competitors. But we continue to compete with them on every project throughout the UK. Our willingness to be thought leaders in our industry has and will continue to bring us growth and success in 2018.

“Our slips and falls may strengthen our sceptics, but a diamond cannot be polished without friction, nor a human perfected without trails”


Commercial Director