The Project
Johnsons successfully relocated PepsiCo from their 2 existing buildings within Arlington Business Park, Theale to a new Headquarters Building at Green Park, Reading, in August 2015.

The move involved:

  • Relocation of over 500 staff members between the buildings
  • Crate hire, including delivery and collection
  • Provision of pre-printed labels (a different colour for each of the five floors being moved) and seals for all crates
  • Decomm/recomm/pack/transfer of all IT elements in accordance with our PepsiCo approved working practice methodologies
  • Protection of buildings – Goods lift(s), main walkways, holding areas and vulnerable finishes as required
  • Clearance/disposal of all FF&E within both buildings – with maximum recycling and environmentally friendly disposal
  • Pre and post move support, providing PepsiCo with one move porter per 25 staff moved to ensure their experience ran as smoothly as possible

Johnsons provided PepsiCo with pre-move and post-move assistance, as well at attending weekly planning meetings from appointment through to completion. This ensured that everything ran smoothly, within the given timescale and to the specification required by PepsiCo.

The Challenge

  • PepsiCo experienced a flood one week before the main move phase was due to commence. This resulted in us having to consolidate our programme of works to ensure that their deadline was still met.
  • Johnsons were required to pack, move and unpack their filing on a shelf-by-shelf basis. To ensure that all of the filing was unpacked and put back on the shelves in the correct order we followed our sequential packing methodology.

The Result
The project was a huge success, we completed the works within the given deadline with minimal disruption to the client’s business or service offering. In addition to this, due to the amount of items recycled, we were able to provide PepsiCo with cost reimbursements.

Once the move was completed, the staff undertook a survey which marked Johnsons with a success rate of 99% – the highest result they’d ever given a supplier.