Furniture Recycling: Johnsons Asset Recycling

Supporting your commitment to environmental protection and zero landfill

Furniture Recycling: Johnsons Asset Recycling

Supporting your commitment to environmental protection and zero landfill

Relocating to new premises often means that you have to dispose of redundant items or furniture, fittings and equipment or look at recycling your office furniture. With Johnsons Asset Recycling, we can give you an environmentally responsible solution to manage your office furniture recycle.

We understand that it’s essential for all organisations large or small to demonstrate best practice in furniture recycling. Showing that your relocation is as green as possible can be an effective way of demonstrating that commitment.

We pride ourselves on being an environmentally conscientious organisation, accredited to BSEN ISO 14001:2004, with a fully audited environmental management system in place. As part of your relocation process, we can recycle, donate or sell all of your unused and unwanted items in ways which will benefit the environment and your local community. In addition, we are licensed waste carriers with a commitment to environmental protection.

Why is Waste Prevention Important?

The world’s population is growing but the number of natural resources available is decreasing. Therefore, in order to protect and invest in future generations, the world needs to think about how it deals with its waste and how we can reuse the resources we are currently using. Businesses need to contribute to long term sustainability by having a business model that increases its resource efficiency. This is important for:

  • The environment & reducing CO2 emissions
  • Saving money
  • Meeting customer expectations
  • Meeting waste regulations

Businesses can have a large impact on the environment due their size and the number of people and resources they have.

Achieving Zero Landfill

Landfill sites are unsightly waste heaps which emit toxins, greenhouse gases and pollution to the environment and health. Creating zero waste to landfill should be a priority for businesses as part of their commitment to waste prevention. It creates a reduction in waste disposal costs, helps to shape policies for recycling and increases CR credentials.

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Businesses are bound by Waste (England and Wales) Regulations 2011 which means they have a legal requirement to prevent and reduce waste. The law also requires that when waste does arise, it is dealt with in an environmentally friendly way. One of the key ways they can do this is by committing to a zero waste to landfill policy, which JohnsonsZero can assist you with. This means that redundant materials get recycled and any waste created gets disposed of via environmentally beneficial methods (such as turning the waste into energy).

Responsibility of Businesses

Businesses need to take an approach to waste which incorporates their corporate responsibility (CR). This involves meeting ethical, social, economic and environmental standards which contribute to the sustainable development of the local and wider areas. This means that when taking into consideration its financial decisions, any negative impacts on the environment and society have to be factored in. This includes considering how best to manage any unwanted items such as redundant office furniture.

JohnsonsZero takes and implements advice from industry body WRAP. WRAP are an independent authority, committed to helping businesses implement good practices that create a sustainable future for everyone. Taking advice from one of the world’s leading bodies advising on recycling, Johnsons Asset Recycling has the knowledge and experience to help businesses. We support companies to become much more efficient in dealing with their resources.

One of the main benefits to employers is being able to achieve resource efficiency. Through implementing practical solutions for reusing and recycling office furniture, other benefits to be enjoyed are:

  • The financial efficiency of not just buying, using and then disposing of items
  • No waste disposal costs
  • Having a great reputation as an ethical and environmentally friendly business
  • Meeting CR standards
  • Building a rapport with the local community

These are particularly important when considering an office move. Johnsons Asset Recycling can help to manage your office furniture recycling plan in any office relocation by supporting your commitment to environmental protection and zero landfill.

Office Moves: Business Furniture Recycling

A big part of any office move involves working out what space is available in the new location and how your current set of assets and furniture fits into this new space. It is also any opportunity to de-clutter and start afresh in new premises. Relocating offices can often mean furniture needs to be replaced or upgraded. Considering what furniture needs disposing should become part of any office move checklist and Johnsons Asset Recycling can help you with this.

Johnsons Asset Recycling will provide you with environmentally responsible solutions for dealing with furniture and equipment disposal. This involves solutions for office furniture recycling such as reusing, donating, reselling, and upcycling office furniture. A key part of any furniture recycling project is using methods which benefit the environment as well as the local community.

Johnsons Asset Recycling will ensure you meet your commitments as a business to help the environment and sustainability. Our main aims are to prevent waste and find ways to recycle business furniture rather than dispose of it.

Reuse, Resell, Recycle

Too often businesses discard items and furniture that are unwanted without a thought for the environment. When thinking about an office relocation, Johnsons Asset Recycling will provide you with the right service, whatever your office furniture recycling needs are.

We give all of our customers a fully audited environmental solution to meet their CR. We understand that every client’s recycled office furniture requirements are different, and this is why we offer a number of reuse, resell and recycling schemes. Whether you need a one-off collection or a full furniture recycling project, we guarantee to meet your programme through our proven management and control processes.

As part of this process, any items that cannot be recycled, donated or sold to your advantage, will be treated and separated into component parts for office furniture recycling. As part of our Johnsons Asset Recycling initiative, we can even provide you with a report that details the CO2 savings we will make by not sending your recycled business furniture and effects to a landfill site.

The best way to prevent waste is not to create it in the first place. Upcycled, reused, and recycled office furniture no longer becomes a waste product to be disposed of but a continued resource for others to get the benefit out of.

Office Furniture Recycling: Your Choices

Working out your business needs
Working out your space requirements and how your current furniture fits into the new premises is all part of the move management stages of an office relocation. It may be that your office move results in having a surplus of furniture. This is especially so if you have a complete clear out or make use of off-site storage and archiving facilities resulting in fewer items to take to the new premises.

The key to working out requirements is to have clear information detailing what you currently have. Johnsons can help you with this as part of our office move management:

  • Create an inventory of current office furniture
  • This should also include the age, condition and sizes of furniture
  • Identify which furniture is not fit for use anymore or in a bad condition
  • Research the new office space and look at what furniture needs to be relocated
  • Look into off-site archiving and storage to create space
  • Consider your budget
  • Consider the impact of waste on the environment
  • Implement time scales including how much internal time can be spent dealing with furniture decisions

Johnsons can then manage your inventory in whichever ways you need, whether it just be managing the relocation of it, a one-off collection of redundant furniture and equipment or a full furniture recycling project.

One off collection
We can offer a one off collection service for your unwanted furniture in which we will collect it and manage the disposal of it in an environmentally friendly way.

Furniture Recycling Project

    • REUSE – The best way to prevent waste prevention is to reuse office furniture. If transporting furniture to your new premises is an issue, Johnsons can help you. We provide a full planning, packing, transporting and unpacking service which can involve a move management team as little or as much as you need. This ensures a smooth and hassle-free move with minimal disruption to the normal working processes of your businesses. We can work out of hours and weekends if this would help ensure the smoothest move possible.If your office furniture is in need of a spruce up, we can arrange for repairs and refurnishing of office furniture that will be good to use with a little care and attention.Those items that you are not interested in reusing or reselling can be donated, either to second hand companies or even better, to the local community. There is always someone who can make use of unwanted office furniture that is still in good enough condition to use. This may involve donation to charity, schools, furniture re-use organisations or local community projects.
    • RESELL – We can sell your used furniture to the second hand market. There is an entire industry that makes money from used office furniture. This allows homeowners and businesses to purchase second hand furniture at a discounted price. This is particularly beneficial if your office furniture is in a good condition. The best ways to benefit the local community is to sell to smaller businesses and start-up organisations.
    • RECYCLE – For furniture that has reached the end of its usage, most of the furniture parts will be made of recyclable materials. Johnsons Asset Recycling manages the separating of furniture parts into their individual components such as metal, wood and plastic so that these parts can be recycled. Recycled office furniture is one of the most environmentally friendly ways to dispose of an item as the components will become usable resources again. Any components which can’t be recycled will be disposed of in the most environmentally friendly way possible with the mission to achieve zero waste to landfill.We can help you to achieve a SKa rating which is an environmental rating for sustainable fit-outs led by RICS (Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors). You will receive a quality-assured assessment and certificate which measures your office furniture recycling project against good practice standards. To gain a SKa rating for a fit-out project, 80% of the furniture has to be reused, recycled or diverted from landfill. Johnsons Asset Recycling has a policy of zero waste to landfill and therefore will help you achieve the accreditation that’s possible.
    • UPCYCLE – Upcycling business furniture when relocating is becoming a much more popular way to create a feeling of a new start. Upcycling involves taking old products, furniture and furniture parts such as metal cabinets or old chairs and making them into innovative and modern looking furniture items. It’s a way to get the best of both worlds by not creating any waste but also move to a new office with furniture that looks afresh.It has the benefits of livening up dull office furniture and making the office environment look modern and revitalised. It is a great way to engage and inspire staff, especially if looking to be particularly innovative. It is also a great way of meeting those all important CR requirements.

Our Satisfied Customers

We have helped hundreds of customers to move and implement furniture recycling projects. Here are just three examples of our satisfied customers:

Rider Levett Bucknall (RLB) – Johnsons moving services helped RLB relocate in 2013. Following the office move, Johnsons were employed to manage 267 items of unwanted furniture. We managed to achieve 100% zero waste to landfill by donating the furniture to the second hand furniture market. They received a SKa score of 95%, achieved by saving 3,069 kg of CO2, 135 trees and 58.97 cubic yards of landfill. Not only this, but due to recycled office furniture components which were made of metal, we were able to reimburse some costs to them.

Sandwell College – Johnsons provided Sandwell College with a full relocation service involving moving three separate sites to one centralised facility. We provided a full planning and moving service involving many different departments, managing the relocation of all equipment, machinery and furniture including the exact repositioning of library books on their shelves! Johnsons Asset Recycling had 25 days to carry out their part of the project which included clearing all three locations of redundant office furniture. We implemented our office furniture recycling process which is certified by the Environment Agency. As a result, the furniture recycling project was delivered on time, with zero waste to landfill and huge CO2 savings achieved.

Environment Agency – Johnsons are proud of being the sole provider of furniture recycling for the Environment Agency in the UK with all our recycling processes being certified by them. We provide services all over the country, dismantling and recycling furniture and ensuring it is disposed of in an environmentally friendly way. The furniture recycling projects we undertake for The Environment Agency always fulfill a zero waste to landfill achievement and also large CO2 savings.

Johnsons Asset Recycling is passionate about what we do. We have a commitment to zero waste to landfill, thus our name, and will help companies achieve environmentally friendly relocations whatever their needs. It doesn’t matter if just a collection service, advice about recycling furniture or helping to implement a full relocation service. We can meet your business furniture recycling needs, whatever they are. To get in touch, call us on 0800 279 2505, email [email protected] or fill out our quick and easy contact form at the top of this page.

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Galliford Try

The team at Wold Academy are very happy with the result. I would like to extend my personal thanks for all the hard work and effort put in to get this project over the line.

Samuel Hallam
Senior Site Manager Galliford Try Plc
East Sussex County Council

Johnsons moved Seaford and Newhaven Libraries for us over 2014-15. Both jobs went successfully due to the hard work and efficiency of the very friendly and helpful Johnsons Staff.

Michele Brooker, Librarian Coordinator East Sussex County Council
Blackburn College

The moving process has been very efficient. The teams supplied were punctual, organised and couldn't do enough to help. This has made the whole experience of moving better for staff and students alike.

Cathy Hale
Masterplan & Accommodation Manager Blackburn College
Norland – Alcatel-Lucent

I was incredibly impressed with their ability to cope with a demanding and labour intense situation and will now only consider using Johnsons for any future work of this type.

Colin Donnelly, Area Manager Norland – Alcatel-Lucent
Pennine Acute Trust

Johnsons Business Moves have been appointed by this Trust as our preferred office relocation company for the past 10 years.

David Shepherd Pennine Acute Hospitals NHS Trust
West Midlands Police

I would like to thank the team. Not only were they prompt in arrival, they also completed the job to a high standard and were extremely professional throughout.

Dan Bacon, Facilities Officer West Midlands Police