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So much waste – and so little time

As the UK government refocuses on minimising waste, reducing emissions and implementing stricter measures to protect the environment, more and more companies are finding themselves with a greater number of sanctions and requirements imposed upon them.

One such focus is the UK’s fastest growing waste stream – unwanted electronic equipment (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment, or WEEE for short). This type of waste poses an increasingly concerning threat to the environment, and is a troublesome burden for companies whose turnover of computers, devices and other technology increases year on year.

JohnsonsZero has been set up to support your commitment to environmental protection and zero landfill, specialising in safe disposal of commercial WEEE along with furniture, fittings and office equipment. Here we define one area of JohnsonsZero, WEEE – and explain how disposing of electronic waste safely and responsibly needn’t be costly or concerning.

WEEE – a rapidly growing issue

Over the last ten to fifteen years there has been a technological boom – meaning that many of us now rely on computers, laptops and smartphones to navigate daily life in personal and professional capacities. Whilst there are myriad benefits to this new way of living, it generates a massive amount of electronic waste – which must be disposed of responsibly. As a result of our constant need for newer technology, WEEE is increasing at an alarming rate – three times faster than municipal waste.

Much of this waste ends up improperly disposed of in landfill sites –causing components to leech harmful substances into the ground, where they eventually contaminate the air with toxins. Those that don’t find their way into UK waste disposal sites are usually sent to developing countries, where they contribute to poverty and poor health and sanitation on unregulated sites where children are often forced to work.

Disposing of WEEE safely, responsibly and cost-effectively

UK businesses have a legal responsibility to dispose of unwanted computer equipment safely under The Environment Act 1995. Most WEEE items are almost always classified as hazardous – therefore, they must be disposed of by specialists who hold a Waste Carrier Licence. They then need to be transported to and processed at a licenced disposal site. You are responsible for checking out the credentials and accreditation of the firm you choose to dispose of WEEE – this is known as your Legal Duty of Care. If you fail to do so and electronic items are traced back to your business, you could find yourself with unwelcome legal percussions at a later date.

Environmental protection isn’t the sole benefit of disposing of WEEE safely and responsibly. Choosing a reputable, licenced company also protects your business – as even when hard drives have been decommissioned and memories have been wiped, valuable data may still remain. As unscrupulous companies don’t care where your WEEE is headed to, your security details and other key information could end up in the wrong hands.

Choose a reputable company with experience

It can be difficult to know who to turn to for support when you need to dispose of IT equipment responsibly – whether it’s just one or two PCs, or a complete server system. JohnsonsZero takes care of waste disposal in an eco-friendly and environmentally considerate way. This offers the best of both worlds – a reduced impact on the health of the planet, and no risk of legal repercussions or massive expense for your business. Johnsons pride ourselves on being an environmentally conscientious organisation, accredited to BSEN ISO 14001:2004, with a fully audited environmental management system in place. As part of the relocation process, waste can be recycled, donated or sold in ways which will benefit the environment and your local community.

Not sure how to deal with office waste? Does your business require recycling, removal or storage support? Contact the team at Johnsons today to discover our diverse range of competitive corporate services.