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The benefits of having a move manager

Imagine if you had someone on hand at all stages of life to sort out the difficult stuff. To lend an expert eye and helping hand as you navigate some of the more tricky aspects of your day to day work life. Sadly not all of life’s challenges can be outsourced and delegated – but fortunately moving isn’t one of them! At Johnsons we provide professional move managers to support you at every step of the way. Here we share just a few benefits of having a removals expert by your side as you relocate.

Professional planning

Once crucial aspect of a smooth and successful move is preparation and professional forward planning. An experienced move manager is able to quickly assess your needs and requirements and can take an inventory before putting together a detailed and practical action plan. This ensures that everything runs smoothly (and in appropriate order) on the day – minimising the risk of mishaps, mistakes and costly or disruptive delays.

Minimal hassle and stress

Moves are often stressful – thanks to the many aspects that must be considered and sorted before, during and after. If you do fail to dot the ‘I’s and cross the ‘T’s you could be in for even more hassle later down the line. Enlisting support from a professional move manager circumvents common issues and helps you to avoid pitfalls that can be highly stressful for all involved. Experience, insight and foresight make the whole process swifter and more streamlined. Meanwhile, you’re free to continue doing what you need to do with the peace of mind that comes with knowing everything’s taken care of.

One contact – one source of communication

We’ve all been there – passed from pillar to post, explaining the same thing over and over again to different members of staff within one corporation. Taking hours to get something done that should take minutes. Effective communication is an important aspect of a smooth move – for many reasons. Therefore one particularly crucial benefit of having a dedicated move manager is that you secure a single point of contact who is up to date and actively working on your relocation at all times. This ensures smooth transitions and clear instructions – eliminating misunderstandings and miscommunications that can significantly disrupt the removal process.

The more stressful aspects of organisation in safe hands

When you go it alone, you have to deal with every single thing yourself – even the stressful, difficult bits. With a move manager on board you’re free to delegate, distribute and discuss tasks – especially the trickier aspects of the relocation. Having a trusted professional by your side at each step of the way considerably reduces the stress involved overall – saving you valuable time and energy.

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