Trafford College

The Project
In 2013, Johnsons Business Moves were awarded the project at Trafford College for relocating their Motor Vehicle and associated departments.

The weekday relocation took place in two phases:

Phase 1 – June 2013
Relocation of crates/furniture and equipment from the following rooms: Electronics Store and Etching Room. The items we relocated included:

  • Gear boxes
  • Engines
  • Wheel Alignment Machinery
  • Tyre Changing Machine
  • Benches
  • Welding Equipment
  • Body Panels
  • Spray Stands

Phase 2 – August 2013
Relocation of remaining crates/furniture and equipment from the remaining identified areas.

The Result
All items were clearly labelled prior to the relocation taking place, ensuring when our Move Team arrived on site, they were able to relocate all identified items to the correct positions with as little down time as possible. In addition to relocating the heavy machinery and equipment, we supplied 1000 L3C crates for 56 days together with easy peel location labels. We also included the supply of 10 pallets for workshop equipment.