University of Birmingham

The Project
In 2013, Johnsons Business Moves were awarded the project to complete the relocation of the following departments at the University of Birmingham: Glass Workshop, Ceramics Workshop, Plaster Workshop, Sandblaster Workshop, Milo, Wood and Metal Workshop, 3D Rapid Prototyping, Store Room, Weaving, Workshop, Embroidery Workshop, Silk Screen Studio, Finishing Room, Washout Booth, Exposure Room, Photo Studio, Animation Room, Fashion Workshop, Technical Stores, Digital Printing, Theatre.

The Project took place over June and July, outside of term time due to the large volume of departments requiring relocation.

The Challenge
Due to the size, weight and shape of some of the items being relocated, the main challenges of this project included:

  • Crushing by unstable load
  • Access to and egress from workplace / Collision/proximity hazards / Other people in the Area
  • Operating plant/driving vehicles
  • Slips trips and falls/ Movement around site/ Removal via stairs
  • Access issues during the move or clearance

To mitigate these challenges, Johnsons Business Moves actioned control measures to ensure all relocations and movements with the equipment were made safely securely.

The Result
We designed and managed the entire relocation by providing the University with a highly experience Move Team, who provided pre and post move support and packing assistance. Our team also ensured all items and buildings were protected prior to the relocations taking place to mitigate against any damage.

The project was a success, finishing the relocation on time and in budget.