University of Derby

The Project
In 2013, Johnsons Business Moves were awarded the project for the relocation of the University of Derby from Leek College to New Building within the Campus.

Johnsons Business Moves provided the University with a multi-skilled based team to complete the relocation of the following departments:

  • Skillsbase
  • Joinery
  • Potter
  • Textiles

The Challenge
The biggest challenge in relation to this project was how it was required to run concurrently with the school term, meaning staff and students were on site during the relocations. Health and Safety was therefore paramount, as was the importance of ensuring the project was finished on time to ensure minimum disruption to teaching. To ensure the project was completed on time, Johnsons Business Moves put a strict schedule in place which included:

  • Disconnection and Packing to be carried out either on a Friday evening or during the day Saturday. Moves to be completed on a Saturday with the Sunday as a contingency
  • Reconnection to be completed as soon as the equipment is relocated, however this may also need to be done on a Sunday
  • By carrying out the works on a weekend or evening we did not anticipate any disruption to staff or students and teaching should remain undisrupted

The Result
Using floor plans and migration schedules, we were able to accurately relocate heavy machinery and equipment with little downtime.