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Pacman News – Update – Oct 2017

So far 2017 has been a busy year for new brands and re-designing existing ones. At the start of the year we revamped our Domestic branding and launched a new bespoke website that we feel, better demonstrates the high value service we want to offer to our Domestic market. This month brings the launch of two new websites; Johnsons Laboratory Logistics and Storple. We are very excited about the opportunities that these brands will offer to our ever growing market and we look forward to seeing where these brands will take Johnsons in the future.

Storple has allowed Johnsons to enter into the Self Storage market for the first time. By offering customers a mobile solution to collect their belongings, we are able to operate this using our existing warehouse in Winsford. The project has been driven by Toby Swain and Rob Morris, both have previous experience working in the Self Storage market and will be instrumental in the continued growth of this brand.

Johnsons Laboratory Logistics was launched in 2015 following a number of successful laboratory related move projects. We have grown the brand year on year and decided to launch its own dedicated website to demonstrate our strength in this area. Johnsons Laboratory Logistics will be headed up by Dave Shewring, who will continue its growth over the coming years.

I want to say a huge thank you to everyone involved in these projects, without you we would have not achieved as much as we have this year.

Warren, Commercial Director