Green Office

Why it pays to run a green office

‘Eco-friendly’ alternatives have a reputation for being a little more expensive than their traditional counterparts. Solar panels, coffee, light bulbs – even responsibly sourced toilet paper. Sometimes, environmentally friendly products and services come with a premium added. So it may surprise you then to learn that there are actually a multitude of financial benefits to running a green office. Here we explain why ‘going green’ can save the environment and your money.

Going green saves you money in the long run

An environmentally friendly business strategy is good for the environment – and your balance sheet – for a number of reasons. The first is that reusing and repurposing items and materials is usually much more cost-effective compared with general waste disposal methods. Whilst representing a more complex process than disposal alone, it results in a saleable end product that naturally reduces the cost overall. Recycling is therefore generally less expensive than disposal (find out more about our recycling services here), whilst eco-friendly alternatives can be incredibly cost-effective. If you choose to go a step further green energy schemes and intelligent architectural options (including rainwater collection and solar panels) can offer significant savings on electricity and utility bills.

Government incentives up for grabs

As part of a range of ongoing incentives offered by the government to encourage businesses to go green, ‘environmental taxes’ provide relief for companies that show active consideration of their ecological impact. Eligible businesses include those that invest in eco-friendly technology and businesses that don’t use much energy. It’s worth remembering that the incentives work in reverse, as businesses can also be penalised for continuing to engage in practices that are recognised as harmful to the environment – such as disposing of waste via landfill.

Consumers actively look to work with conscious companies

Both B2C and B2B businesses are striving for green credentials – because from a promotional perspective it pays to be environmentally conscious. Savvy marketers place an emphasis on ethical practice and mindful operation. One particular area under scrutiny is the disposal of waste generated by companies across the board – from paper and food waste to more specialised by-products. Focusing on more ethical disposal methods can therefore result in great publicity for your business – further boosting profitability through accountability and responsibility.

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