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Five easy ways to improve your environmentally friendly credentials

As the destructive effect of daily life and commercial processes on our planet comes into sharp focus, more companies feel increasing pressure to employ more eco-friendly and earth-conscious practices. Fortunately going green can be easy and inexpensive – and little things make the world of difference. Here we share five tips to help you to introduce green practices with a collective effort and minimal cost or fuss.

Purchase eco-friendly products

One of the simplest and easiest ways to go green is to make the switch to sustainable alternatives such as FSC approved paper, cardboard packaging and compostable cups.

Introduce a recycling area

Introducing a recycling area in your office will pay dividends as far as the environment is concerned – and it may also save you money. Invest in a bin with three slots – one for paper, one for plastic and one for glass and metal (depending on your local authority’s waste collection service). Return items such as print cartridges for refilling, and send batteries for safe recycling.

Switch to LEDs and encourage mindful monitoring

LEDs are long-lasting and use much less energy compared with incandescent halogen or fluorescent bulbs. This saves you money in the long run – even though they are generally more expensive to purchase. It’s also great news for the environment as your energy consumption decreases almost immediately, with dramatic savings in the long term.

Invest in blinds for summer and winter

If your office has a lot of windows this can be problematic both during summer and winter months. In summer the office gets far too hot – making air conditioning units work harder and electricity bills higher as employees plug in fans and air cooling units. In winter, the heat generated within the office leaks out through the windows, pushing up energy bills yet again. One simple solution can tackle this – as by covering your windows you can prevent over-cooling or over-heating in the office. Invest in blinds to maintain a favourable temperature all year round without huge hikes in energy usage.

Cut down on single-use plastic

Single-use plastic has been particularly high profile recently, with the UK government announcing a crackdown on the usage of plastic bottles and straws. Carefully consider where your company uses single-use plastics and look into sustainable alternatives – there are now many viable options on the market that are both practical and durable. Some switches may mean opting for reusable items – others may be recyclable. Weigh up the cost with the benefits – as this may force you to look at streamlining and adopting more efficient processes, too.

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