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Notifying your customers about your upcoming move

One of the most important aspects of a commercial move is minimising any disruption felt by customers and clients. Here we share six tips to help you to ensure a smooth and successful office relocation – with multiple methods to notify clients past and present and minimise down time.

Say it with a sign

It’s the most traditional and arguably the easiest way to notify customers – place a sign, notice or poster outside your premises to let visitors know that you’ll be moving soon. Keep it in a prominent place and include easily visible details of your new location.

Notify via email

Send a positive, friendly email flyer branded with company graphics to communicate the relocation to existing customers and anyone else on your mailing list. Include the reasons behind the move and any benefits or positives to create a buzz around the news and reassure clients that normal service won’t be affected, or will be quickly resumed. Don’t forget to include new contact details and location address. You can also place a banner on your website with the date of your move and link to your new location.

Update voicemails

A few weeks prior to the move, update voicemail messages on company phones with a quick message to let callers know about the upcoming move. This may also be useful throughout the relocation too to let them know there may be a delay in correspondence.

Send letters and flyers to clients and prospects

Have letters or flyers designed to let existing customers know that you are moving. As above, focus on the positives and include comprehensive but concise details. Flyers or letters can even be sent with invoices and other client correspondence to avoid duplicate postage fees.

Maximise from a marketing perspective

A relocation is a fantastic opportunity to promote your business in a positive way. Ensure that social media channels are updated with regular check-ins and branded graphics to keep followers abreast of the latest developments – and send a press release to local and national outlets to see if you can further maximise exposure and make the most of the move from a promotional perspective. You can also plan a formal opening event or a party and invite clients to celebrate the move with you.

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