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Unlock the key to productivity in your business

Relocating is often an important step when pursuing growth within a business, but how do you ease or eliminate inevitable reduced productivity levels when relocating your team?

Johnsons’ Commercial Director, Warren Hamlin, spoke to Premises and Facility Management magazine about what productivity means and how you can combine increased productivity within a relocation project.

What does productivity mean to your business when relocating? Writer Charles Duhigg defines productivity as “making certain choices in certain ways” that moves us from being “merely busy” to “genuinely productive” in his book Smarter Faster Better.

In economic context, productivity emerges from measuring outputs against inputs. In my experience relocating your business can massively improve the productivity of your teams by focusing on how you and your workforce can systematise and review work flow management and interdepartmental collaboration.

Relocating not only provides this focus but too invokes a sense of reflection; it provides you with the opportunity to press the reset button, sit back and observe your approach to achieving your business goals in general.

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