Blackburn College

Johnsons Moving Services have been working with Blackburn College for over five years. We have worked at developing an open, honest and trusting relationship with the College and because of this we are their preferred supplier for relocations and removals.

During our time working with the College, we have been involved in numerous moves of varying size and scale, including:

Curriculum Centre and Library Moves
In 2011 Johnsons Business Moves undertook a major relocation at the College which involved the relocation of three curriculum centres, a complete library move and several business centre moves. We provided them with a large team of multi-skilled operatives able to provide the College with their varying requirements. We utilised our sequential packing methodology for the library moves and our move management methodology for the curriculum and business centre moves. A Move Manager was provided to ensure all works were carried out in accordance with our best working practice methodologies.

College Administration Department Relocation
In 2012, Johnsons Moving Services relocated Blackburn College’s Administration department to the newly refurbished Creative Arts Building. We provided the College with crates and cages to move personal effects, small office items and bulky items in. We managed the distribution process and provided them with a packing team who assisted and trained the staff in packing methodologies. As part of this project, we relocated meeting tables, board tables, coffee tables, tambours, cupboards, desks, automatic height adjustable straight desks, ergonomic chairs and IT equipment. The project was completed within the required timescale and on budget.

Music and Media / Electrical Moves
In 2013, we undertook the relocation of furniture, crates, IT and equipment into the STEMMM Building from the following departments at the College: Music & Media, Electrical and Workshop. As part of this project, we relocated power hacksaws, tool cabinets, axel stands, pianos and other various musical instruments.

Motor Vehicle Building & Gateway Building Relocation
In 2014, Johnsons Moving Services undertook the relocation of the Motor Vehicle Building & Gateway Building at Blackburn College. We provided them with a multi-skilled team to relocate the following: Wood Workshop, MV Store and Auto Electrical where we relocated Benchtop Saws, Pillar Drills, Polishers, Disc Sanders, Tool Chests, Projector Chests, Welders, Trolley Jacks, Motorbike Ramps, 2 Mini Motorbikes, 2 Bike Engines, Easel Test Rig and Auto Electrical test Bench’s.

“Blackburn College is one of the largest FE & HE Colleges in the UK and over the last 7 years have developed a new £65 million student village. Whilst developing this new campus we have used Johnson Moving Services and have struck up a fantastic working relationship. The College, like all other public Sector companies, has to go through a rigorous tendering process for the appointment of all services and JBM have always complied with this process. The moving process has been very efficient including the delivery and collection of crates, packing and unpacking of PC’s and the ability to keep up-to-date with crate costs. The teams supplied are punctual, organised and can’t do enough to help and this has made the whole experience of moving better for staff and students alike. I would highly recommend Johnson Moving Services to any company looking for an efficient, well organised moving team.” Cathy Hale, Masterplan & Accommodation Manager, Blackburn College.