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Johnsons Apprenticeship Scheme

As part of Johnsons Apprenticeship Scheme, Johnsons have welcomed five new apprentices over the last twelve months, to include Benjamin Tankard who is working towards an NVQ in Business Administration Level 2, and Ryan Burton who is working towards an NVQ in Warehousing.

Johnsons have been running an apprenticeship scheme at Johnsons for 4 years.

Joanne Willshire, HR Manager at Johnsons said, “We are helping young people to gain additional qualifications whilst also giving them experience in a workplace environment. Ben is working throughout all the different departments within Johnsons, so this provides him with lots of different experiences. This will give him a good insight into each area to help him see which sector of a business he would feel most comfortable in. Whilst he is working throughout the company we are also placing him on internal and external training not required for him to complete his NVQ.”

Joanne added, “Ryan is mainly based externally. He is learning new skills regularly and gaining a good insight into how both commercial and domestic removals are run. Ryan will also have the opportunity to gain additional skills above his NVQ during his apprenticeship.”

We hear from Ben and Ryan and how they’ve enjoyed their apprenticeship scheme at Johnsons and the experience they have gained.


Ben Tankard

BenHaving an apprenticeship has definitely lived up to my expectations; this is real learning on the job. Some things cannot be taught in the classroom and I believe that you get a much better understanding of the job by living it every day.

Johnsons Moving Services has given me such a good opportunity and I am glad I have grabbed it with both hands. I have felt like a member of the team from day one. My favourite part of working for this company is that they do not treat you like an apprentice, you are part of the team.

My work load is much greater than your average apprentice in other companies and I have a good level of responsibility. I have been here 6 months and worked across two departments; Quality and Operations. This has allowed me to work at different Johnsons depots throughout the country and given me plenty of opportunities to attend both internal and external meetings.

I have already gained other qualifications in my time here which I can now add onto my CV as well as the qualification I am working towards, by completing my 12 Month apprenticeship scheme. One of the best opportunities here, is that when I finish my apprenticeship, level 2 in Business Admin, I can then progress onto level 3. If I work hard enough I will be able to receive another contract and become an official full time employee here at Johnsons.

I would highly recommend Johnsons Moving Services if you are looking for an apprenticeship scheme in this industry.


Tyler Doherty

RyanI’ve enjoyed my time at Johnsons and have had a good experience. I’ve learnt new skills such as furniture fitting techniques, warehouse logistics and I have also gained my powered access license, allowing me to use a powered scissor lift for a large project moving Health records.

I’ve been involved in large commercial moves and have felt a sense of accomplishment after the move has been completed. I’ve also been involved in a number of domestic moves and it’s nice to help take the stress away for clients as moving house can be a very stressful time.


If you’re interested in an apprenticeship scheme with Johnsons, please contact Joanne Willshire on 0800 279 2505 for more information.