Hong Kong

Showcasing the world’s top four office buildings

When we say ‘office building’ what springs to mind? Likely acres of faceless glass, boxy concrete structures with small windows, uninspiring architecture that employees find themselves locked within day in, day out. But now office buildings are taking on new meaning and a new look – with architects continually pushing boundaries to achieve a balance between functionality and finesse. In today’s blog we explore the beauty of office buildings – sharing our pick of the four most magnificent worldwide.

DTAC HQ Bangkok

Towering above the bustling city of Bangkok in Thailand, DTAC’s HQ regularly tops lists of the world’s most innovative and inspiring office environments. Designed by Australian architects Hassell, the 62,000 square metre, 500 metre high structure is most remarkable inside, where it boasts a stunning amphitheatre, indoor running track, magnificent twenty storey lobby, stunning roof terrace and individual entrance areas with unique glass lighting displays.

Mumzworld, Dubai

Our list wouldn’t be complete without an entry from Dubai – arguably one of the most prolific locations in the world for stunning architecture and novel building design. In fact across the gulf examples such as this one can be found, incorporating cutting-edge technology to enable a unique and unusual aesthetic and enhanced working environment. Mumzworld in Dubai is located in the uber-trendy Dubai Design District, featuring bold and bright interiors and quirky touches such as a toy cupboard and ‘motivation wall’ displaying the company’s main mantras.

Sanctuary – Bangalore

Sanctuary in Bangalore is home to the firm of architects that created it – so naturally it’s a stunning example of modern design and technology blended with organic textures and its surrounding environment for a truly contemporary feel. The indoors and outdoors amalgamate with moving walls to facilitate air flow on hot days and balmy nights. A canopied patio is shaded from the harsh sun by gently waving trees.

Paperclip co-working space – Hong Kong

Hong Kong is huge – but commercial space is at a premium. Many businesses choose to occupy co-working space – blended together with other companies – as opposed to commissioning dedicated offices. Paperclip in Hong Kong is a progressive co-working space, featuring hot desks with 24-hour access and event space. Neutral tones and subtle lighting are accompanied by bare brick walls and wood furniture for a designer feel.

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