The Business of cables, screens and wires – why hiring a removal company with an in-house IT team is so important

Most businesses are dependent on IT in some capacity – making movement of equipment and the maintenance of systems and services incredibly important during an office move or business relocation. Lots of companies forget about their IT relocation requirement until the very last minute – resulting in disruption, downtime and at worst a disaster should data be lost or damaged. Here we share five reasons why employing a removals company with an in-house IT team is crucial when planning an office relocation.

Keep systems running to avoid downtime

One key concern for companies on the move is downtime – and understandably so. Thousands of pounds worth of business could be lost within just a few hours if customers are unable to get hold of you, and employees are unable to do their jobs properly. One of the most frustrating aspects of an office move involves offline time – lack of phone connection, internet and systems not set up in time for the first day in your new premises. At Johnsons, minimising downtime is our top priority. Our dedicated move management team will ensure your move is managed properly with minimal time offline.

Ensure that data is stored safely throughout the move

Data is often amongst a company’s key assets – customer info, product details, websites and management systems. Eliminating any disruption, whether servers are stored on-site or information is synced off-site, is always a key priority. This is especially important where sensitive information is concerned and data protection could be breached. IT relocation specialists can ensure safe transportation of server equipment and swift set-up to provide complete peace of mind.

Cable management is key

Often we forget about cables – concealed behind skirting boards and desks. But without proper management, cables can pose a real problem during a relocation. At Johnsons we specialise in providing structured cable management services throughout the move from start to finish – arranging a streamlined system on the other side to reduce clutter and ensure Health and Safety compliance.

Forward planning for success

Preparation prior to a move is very important – especially when it comes to relocating IT systems. It’s key to put together an inventory and practical itinerary to avoid downtime, considering how every element will be moved, and when. Safe, secure and careful movement of servers and specialist equipment may also be required. This is one advantage of having a dedicated move manager on board – as they’ll take care of the planning and project management elements for you. At Johnsons we understand the cost of downtime to a business during an office relocation and take IT relocation very seriously. Our in-house team takes care of the removal from start to finish – ensuring that the planning and preparatory stages are complete. They’ll also put together a logical timeline to ensure that priority items are safely moved and connected to avoid costly downtime and ensure that your business relocation runs as smoothly as possible.

Safe disposal of unwanted IT equipment

There may also be items you don’t want to take with you to your new location. At Johnsons we pride ourselves on offering safe and sustainable waste disposal services. Redundant IT equipment must be dealt with according to certain standards. We specialise in decommissioning equipment, wiping data and organising recycling, resale or donation of furniture and assets where possible.

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