COSHH KingsLangley

COSHH move for Kings Langley School

Our in house chemical transfer team have been working at Kings Langley School in Hertfordshire. The chemical transfer is a very specialised service which Johnsons are highly qualified to provide.

Darren Pardy, Regional Director at Johnsons said, “Our specialist in house chemical transfer team packed and relocated the chemicals over 2 days. Our Move Manager was involved at the early stages of planning and was on site during the entire physical relocation, which took 8 days.”

Darren added, “The move was completed within the deadline and we reacted to last minute changes to the schedule which demonstrates our flexibility during an operationally challenging school decant.”

When moving chemicals and hazardous substances, you can’t afford to take any risks. In advance of any move, a full project plan is put in place. Particularly important for a move involving hazardous chemicals, we conduct thorough research to ensure a full understanding of all substances to be moved. We identify chemicals which need to be separated prior to the move to allow for prompt packing and transfer, segregating them from other chemicals as necessary.

Chemicals are packed according to their compatibility, using the ADR regulations. Packing is conducted with arms covered, using chemical resistant gloves, safety glasses, PVC aprons and safety boots. For the packing of chemical liquids, a layer of Vermiculite is inserted into the packing crate prior to filling the crate with jars, tins and bottles.

In the unlikely event of a spillage, a Johnsons spill kit is available, which suitable for toxic, flammable, corrosive, and aggressive chemical spills. Our staff are trained in how to act as a first responder to a spill and when it is safe to clean up a spillage.

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