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How technology is changing the modern workplace

Technology continues to shape our daily lives in ways we never could have imagined – so naturally the digital revolution has spread to the workplace, changing the way we work, educate and communicate. In today’s blog we explore the effect technology has had on the modern workplace and explain how new devices, software and disciplines can improve productivity and help us to thrive from 9-5.

Increased productivity

One of the most positive consequences of advancing technology within the workplace is increased productivity – which is ironic considering that smartphones and other devices have been shown to decrease attention span and lead to distraction and procrastination within a home environment. A multitude of specially developed business tools have considerably cut down the time that was once involved in a range of tasks – such as bookkeeping, customer record management and reporting.

Better communication and collaboration

Remember when the only way to communicate with someone was over the phone or in person? Technology has opened up multiple channels of communication – so now it’s easy to get hold of clients, suppliers and colleagues, maintaining a trail of dialogue so that everyone knows where they’re up to at all times. Improved communication naturally facilitates greater opportunities for professional collaboration within companies and with partner brands – especially over social media.

Improved organisation

Better-organised businesses offer an improved customer experience and enhanced employee satisfaction – thanks to smooth, sensible processes and easy access to the tools staff need to do their jobs efficiently each day. Digital filing systems ensure that documents, resources and media can easily and quickly be located for use. Everything can be carefully logged and stored electronically – reducing unnecessary use of paper. Activity chains can be set up and monitored to improve accountability and ensure that everyone is aware of their individual roles and responsibilities within a project and the wider business as a whole.

From the everyday to the extraordinary

Certain technological advancements may be in their infancy – but already they’re changing the game for a range of companies ready and willing to adopt the ‘next big thing.’ Drones in particular are starting to be used by a range of different companies to offer greater efficiency and a faster, more cost-effective service – from couriers and ‘drone taxis’ due to be introduced in the UAE to the drones used as catwalk models in Dolce and Gabbana’s recent fashion show. As far-out as this may seem, there was once a time when cordless phones and laptop computers were seen as alien – so it’s likely that these kinds of technologies will be widely adopted and may become commonplace within the next 5-10 years.

New risks

With new technologies and fresh methodologies come different risks and difficulties that need to be embraced, acknowledged and protected against. It’s important to be aware of the very real threat that breaches of cyber security can bring – so investment in sound security systems and monitored servers is now crucial.

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