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Pacman News – Focus & Performance – March 2018

Each month we’ll give you an overview of performance statistics, some client feedback highlights and information about any big wins for Johnsons.

Customer Feedback

Overall customer result – 94% scored us an 8 or more – ‘Good’ or ‘Excellent

Feedback March  Feedback March 1

The result in red is for Winsford Domestic.

Domestic – March 2018

The best way we can rate ourselves is with customer feedback. In February we scored 57 out of 70

Commercial – March 2018

In February we scored 80 out of 90.

Johnsons target is for each branch to complete 10 feedback’s per month.

Client Testimonials



“We received a card through the door. I was looking for a firm that would be able to move my piano. This was a major consideration, and as Johnsons had experience. I felt it would be a good company to go with.”

“Flyer through the door and a search online to see what others thought about you. I felt that you were in the business of moving people’s belongings, and had lengthy experience. I was impressed by a brief conversation with the man who delivered the boxes, because there was clearly a people management system in place. Also, the youngest member of the team spotted that a few more small boxes would be useful for the remaining items and brought some in. We should have had less medium boxes and more small boxes because of lots of books and heavier items. The other quote was cheaper, but I got the impression that moving the contents of a house was not their main purpose. A third, highly recommended, company never failed to respond to an e mail and telephone call.”



“Used before and always give good service.” East Sussex Council

“Recommended by other companies.” Derbyshire Health

“Came up on a google search and I didn’t look around much as price seemed reasonable.” Quest

“Because of price and sales person.” Linden Homes